Right Angle: Stormy Skies

stormy skies - 22 dec 2011

A very stormy day, complete with a tornado watch. I took advantage of the bad weather and finished up my work for the year, only leaving the house to walk down to Taqueria del Sol for a late dinner.

Right Angle: Rainy Day Blues

rainy day blues - 21 dec 2011

A couple of days ago, our holiday gift to ourselves came — a police scanner. Rainy days == dangerous days. Be careful out there. Take your time and leave lots of room. Meanwhile, I’m learning lots of new codes and lingo.

Right Angle: Decatur Sign

decatur sign - 19 dec 2011

Now that Electric Avenue has been re-opened, we took a walk down to it and then up a couple blocks to check out the construction and the new housing that has been built recently. From the outside, it looks pretty nice!

Right Angle: Courthouse

courthouse - 17 dec 2011

Feeling slightly better today. Forced myself out of the house for a walk to the library and Baby Kroger. While on the square, I found a check/receipt folder from Ruby Tuesday’s. I picked it up and returned it. When they opened it, it looked like it even had a credit card in it! Yikes! My …

Right Angle: Ponce

ponce - 16 dec 2011

A headache with an accompanying head cold knocked me out for a full day. The only thing I managed to do yesterday was to get to the post office. Not a good choice. Two clerks and two complicated customers meant that the line literally stalled for 20 minutes. Once a third clerk opened, the line …