Newsflash: Kiss a Cop

kiss a cop - 7 jan 2012

We got a police/fire scanner for Christmas. I’ve always enjoyed having a scanner, and now that we live “downtown” I’m loving knowing what’s going on! I’ve been learning the codes and signals, but I have yet to learn the code for “I’ve been licked by the passenger in the car I just pulled over.”

Newsflash: What Happened on W. Trinity?

police vehicles - 4 jan 2012

After walking by the courthouse turnaround, which was full of news trucks, we came upon some police action in front of, of all places, the police station. Eavesdropping on the report (shush … he saw me there listening) calling in the story gave us no clues. But there were at least a dozen police vehicles, …

Newsflash: The Tree is Going Up!

getting vertical - 29 nov 2011

The snow may not have arrived yet today, but the Little Shop of Stories Christmas tree has arrived and is now going up! We’re looking forward to Thursday night at 7pm when the tree will be lit. See the Visit Decatur, GA blog for more details.