Newsflash: Sidewalk Saturday

After our morning and early afternoon adventures, I was sure we would not make it back out for the Sidewalk Saturday fun. But I managed to convince the girls to drag the duppy out. And we stumbled upon the sidewalk art. So beautiful and inspiring! The lovely fairy is from Elizabeth O Dulemba who provided …

Newsflash: Jelly Belly Tour

jelly belly - 6 apr 2013

I got ‘Bean Boozled’ today at the Jelly Belly Tour Event at Greene’s Fine Foods. I was told the jelly bean might be strawberry jam flavored, but it turned out to be … caterpillar! Blech. But fun! We enjoyed the various events, not to mentioned the crazy VW Bug!

Moving Day!

fire station 1 - 24 may 2012

Not for us, but for the fire house. By a fun coincidence, it was also the day for my “Citizen Fire Academy” ride-along. When I arrived at the station, they were just moving in from their temporary home at the old Roly Poly up the street. Since I had expected to get to ride on …

Newsflash: Kiss a Cop

kiss a cop - 7 jan 2012

We got a police/fire scanner for Christmas. I’ve always enjoyed having a scanner, and now that we live “downtown” I’m loving knowing what’s going on! I’ve been learning the codes and signals, but I have yet to learn the code for “I’ve been licked by the passenger in the car I just pulled over.”