Coming Up: Snow on the Square (Sat 19 Nov)

Rolling Blizzard

Yesterday we had tornado warnings and terrible thunderstorms. But Saturday it will be SNOWING on the square, thanks to Jeff Kinney, author of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. Chloe purchased the latest Wimpy Kid book, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever, from Little Shop of Stories

Living: Decatur Wine Fest

glasses - 5 nov 2011

A week and a half ago, as we neared the end of our mission to empty the house of the odds and ends we had accumulated over the years, I took a break to volunteer at the Decatur Wine Festival. Luckily, the day was a gorgeous fall day, perfect for sipping wine, tasting the treats …

Mission Downsize: Complete!

condo - 14 nov 2011

Wowza! It feels like absolutely forever, but, in reality, it was just less than two months ago that we made our first offer and a little over a month ago that we made the jump over. In that time, we found homes for most of the furniture, books, toys, tools and all the rest that …

Living: Decatur Book Fest

Decatur Book Festival - 4 sep 2011

As part of an effort I am making to get out and connect with other people on a more regular basis, I volunteered at the Decatur Book Festival on the square in Decatur this weekend. I worked a total of five hours, spread over two days and in two locations I had never before set …