Eating: Swirlin’ Twirlin’

frozen yogurt -28 oct 2011

A little over a week ago, Chloe and I brave the rain and lines and attended the grand opening of Swirlin’ Twirlin’, Decatur’s newest frozen yogurt shop. For our “bravery”, we were treated to free frozen yogurt with toppings. Yum!

Eating: Food Trucks at East Decatur Station

mexican pop

As we are already in “East Decatur” on Thursdays, it seemed like a no-brainer to stop by the Food Truck event at East Decatur Station. Four food trucks were lined up, almost ready to open when we got there at 5:55pm (the event runs from 6-9pm). Camille got an arepa and Chloe got a veggie …

Eating: Decatur Farmer’s Market

farmers market - 5 oct 2011

A couple of months back, we signed up with a CSA farm to get weekly, fresh produce. Unfortunately, our travel and moving has made it almost impossible to keep up with the produce that we get. In addition, we end up with lots of things that I just don’t like (okra, eggplant, …) and things …

Eating Out: Leon’s Full Service


After meeting with our agent and looking at four condos in two different buildings, we needed a drink. So we stopped in at Leon’s Full Service and sat in the bar along the front window. The girls and I had limonatas while Rob had a beer. We also ordered a snack of “Pub Frites” with …

Eating Out: The Yogurt Tap


Today was our first meeting with our realtor in Decatur. The girls and I arrived early and found a great spot in front of the library; fortunately, I had TWELVE quarters in my car to feed the meter. A quarter for every ten minutes. As we had thirty minutes before the meeting, we stopped in …

Eating Out: Siam Thai


In considering a move of this magnitude (granted it is only five miles, but, still, it is a huge change), we really want to get a better feel for what “Life on the Square” might be like. We drove over to Decatur, drove around a few blocks, parked the car at the courthouse garage and …