Kids: HomeGrown Halloween Parade

homegrown halloween - 30 oct 2011

Despite being knocked out with a sinus headache (believe the culprit was musty winter clothes), I managed to get three girls (my two plus an extra) out the door and across the street to the HomeGrown Halloween Parade and Monster Ball. What fun! The event was slightly disorganized, but the crowds were very understanding. We …

Eating: Swirlin’ Twirlin’

frozen yogurt -28 oct 2011

A little over a week ago, Chloe and I brave the rain and lines and attended the grand opening of Swirlin’ Twirlin’, Decatur’s newest frozen yogurt shop. For our “bravery”, we were treated to free frozen yogurt with toppings. Yum!

DecaturSquared Datebook: Coming Up

Monster Ball - 30 oct 2011

I had really thought moving was close to being done. But I guess we’ve fallen into the “diminishing returns” part. The last 5-10% is the absolute hardest part, I think. I cannot wait for this move to be done; it has taken a lot out of me, and I’m exhausted. Sat Nov 5, 2011 9am-1pm …

Kids: On the Same Page

poster - 27 oct 2011

Thursday evening, after grabbing a bite to eat at the Food Trucks, we parked the car at home and walked down to the Decatur High School Auditorium for the On the Same Page screening of The Phantom Tollbooth. A nice crowd of folks turned out for the movie! I read The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton …

Eating: Food Trucks at East Decatur Station

mexican pop

As we are already in “East Decatur” on Thursdays, it seemed like a no-brainer to stop by the Food Truck event at East Decatur Station. Four food trucks were lined up, almost ready to open when we got there at 5:55pm (the event runs from 6-9pm). Camille got an arepa and Chloe got a veggie …

DecaturSquared Datebook: Coming Up

Phantom Tollbooth Screening

Now that our tasks associated with moving are starting to wind down, we look forward to participating in many of the great activities for kids and families that happen around Decatur….   Thu Oct 27, 2011 6pm – 9pm Food Truck Event Where: E. Decatur Station 7pm – 9pm On the Same Page: Phantom Tollbooth …

Right Angle: Street Lamps

street lamp - 26 oct 2011

Somehow, the thing Chloe found most interesting today while we went over to the Decatur Farmers’ Market were the street lamps on Clairemont. I’ve never noticed them before, but now I’ll keep my eye out for the lamps as we wander about the square.