DecaturSquared Datebook: Coming Up!

tree lighting - 9 nov 2011

Lots of fun events for families coming up this week in Decatur! Notable blog posts: Little Shop of Stories: Decatur Parents Have Until Friday to Take “School Start Time” Survey (but apparently meant for RMS and DHS only) Coming up: Tue Dec 6, 2011 7pm Decatur Library: Just Voices Musical Program Wed Dec 7, 2011 …

Kids: The Tree! The Tree!

lit up - 1 dec 2011

I had NO idea. We walked out the door at 6:50pm to head to the Tree Lighting up the block at Little Shop of Stories and found a traffic jam. And crowds spilling out onto the courthouse lawn. We quickly spotted friends, but were so far back that we couldn’t hear the MC or the …

Newsflash: The Tree is Going Up!

getting vertical - 29 nov 2011

The snow may not have arrived yet today, but the Little Shop of Stories Christmas tree has arrived and is now going up! We’re looking forward to Thursday night at 7pm when the tree will be lit. See the Visit Decatur, GA blog for more details.

Kids: Snow on the Square

gazebo - 19 nov 2011

Last Tuesday when I went to pick up Chloe from school (school gets out at 3:45 and gymnastics starts at 3:45), the kids filed out to the hill to wait their turn. Unlike the usual craziness, they all sat down and started reading. Last Tuesday was the release of Diary of a Wimpy Kid 6: …

Kids: On the Same Page at Little Shop

spelling bee - 17 nov 2011

Last week, the girls and I walked over to Little Shop of Stories for the “On The Same Page Discussion, Debate, and Spelling Bee”. Chloe was a bit reluctant to go at first — it sounded too much like school, I think. But once we headed in to the event, she had a blast. Despite …