Not for us, but for the fire house.

fire station 1 - 24 may 2012

By a fun coincidence, it was also the day for my “Citizen Fire Academy” ride-along. When I arrived at the station, they were just moving in from their temporary home at the old Roly Poly up the street.

Since I had expected to get to ride on some rescue calls during my shift, I was surprised to find myself in the jump seat on the big fire truck, Quint 1, headed to the public works building for, of all things, coffee, sugar and cleaning supplies.

supply room - 24 may 2012

After we had gathered all the necessary fire station supplies, we headed back to the station where we put away all the “groceries” and then worked on moving other things around in the newly remodeled station.

Kind of like a regular day at home, just with a much larger vehicle.

tv room - 24 may 2012
new kitchen - 24 may 2012