Personally, I’ve been up and down. I have been feeling sick on and off for almost a month now. Last week I finally took my temperature. One thermometer says 99.8, the other 102. Maybe I need to buy another one? This not feeling well has interfered with my ability to execute Project41. I don’t have the energy to exercise nor the motivation to stick to my diet. I suppose if I don’t feel better soon it will be time to finally get myself to the doctor.

But, I digress. on Wednesday’s lunch and walk with Camille, our Wednesday tradition since moving to Decatur, we saw lots of up and down. First, an old pecan tree that’s sadly coming down due to lightning damage.

pecan tree - 7 mar 2012

Then the sign over a Decatur Square restaurant that’s been taken down — they are closing, but a new Persian restaurant is supposedly coming in to fill the space.

un-zucca - 7 mar 2012

And then finally, a new sign on the Fidelity Bank that’s going up. When they took it down, I was confused, and I still am. It doesn’t look much different than the old one, except maybe now all the letters will light up.

bank - 7 mar 2012