cards - 25 dec 2011

I’ve heard the complaints and annoyances about year-end “brag letters”. But I feel differently. My far-flung friends take the time to write about their joys of the year — and I’m more than happy to hear about these milestones and events and to celebrate with them.

And I really do like to send out a yearly letter, letting our friends know about the news in our lives — this year our news included an “epic” camping trip out west, a downsize move to a condo in Decatur and a kid starting public school after we’ve been homeschooling for a decade. The intention is not to brag, but to inform and celebrate the changes.

Enough of my rant.

This year, in the spirit of our move, we went local. We walked to the Decatur post office for stamps. Bought cards at Heliotriope a block away on Ponce. And printed our letters at Decatur Atlanta Printing less than two blocks away. Decatur-Atlanta was fast, friendly, competitive and Local, local, local!