Along with our downsizing move to Decatur, we decided to make yet another change : school. Both girls have been homeschooled all along, but Chloe has been desperate to give school a try. Two weeks ago Friday, I gathered up all the necessary papers, filled out the registration form on the CSDecatur website and took the girls over to Westchester. Of course, being as distracted as I’ve been, I left half the papers back in Pine Lake. The process for enrolling Chloe was not nearly as complicated as I had feared … within ten minutes, Chloe was enrolled to start school at FAVE on Tuesday.

Tuesday morning, we got up early (still sleeping in Pine Lake) and went to pick up Chloe’s friend who had agreed to show Chloe around the school. We met the front desk person, then walked around and found Chloe her classroom. Chloe jumped right in, she was thrilled to be there. I filled out even more paperwork (ugh).

Thursday morning, Chloe rode the bus to school for the first time. Her stop is two blocks from our condo, across Commerce, a very busy street. Her bus pulled up five minutes early and was labeled as a DHS bus route. Chloe tried to buy lunch — I had written a check out to the school with her “code” on it, but they said that wasn’t her code. They let her take lunch anyway.

Friday, Chloe took the bus to school and home from school. Though the bus she rode in the morning was there, the bus she was told to take was a different one, labeled as a ECLC. I got to her stop five minutes before the bus was supposed to arrive. Thirty minutes I was still waiting for her, getting quite panicked.

She arrived safely, in tears. I understand busing is complicated. But with the 4/5 school being not centrally located, buses are essential. I just wish the correct bus routes were listed on the buses and that the schedule on the website was more accurate.

Chloe has been loving school at FAVE; she went on a field trip to the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, she has started a bike safety class, she loves getting food from the salad bar everyday, she’s happy to do her homework.

Overall, starting school has been fairly painless. There have been a few bumps in the road, but, really, nothing that makes me worry about what is to come.

Chloe's class
FAVE School