I had hoped to blog every day about our adventures in moving and getting to know Decatur. But moving takes a lot of time energy.

We are working on getting rid of stuff for this big downsize. We are painting the girls’ new room. We are changing address, enrolling in school, and getting our ducks in a row. We are taking trips to IKEA to replace the larger furniture we have sold off with smaller, condo-sized furniture (and then assembling all those flat packed pieces of furniture). We are bringing load after load of things from our house over to the condo. We are working, schooling and taking part in our usual activities.

Blogging has taken a back seat. But I’ve got a bunch to say about our adventures on the square. We can’t wait until the dust settles a bit, and we have more time to enjoy our new locale.

Farmer's Market Run - 5 oct 2011
cakes&ale - 7 oct 2011
city hall - 7 oct 2011