Camille at Siam Thai
In considering a move of this magnitude (granted it is only five miles, but, still, it is a huge change), we really want to get a better feel for what “Life on the Square” might be like. We drove over to Decatur, drove around a few blocks, parked the car at the courthouse garage and explored.

We walked to the children’s bookstore. We walked by a number of buildings. We found a restaurant. We ate dinner at Siam Thai. We walked some more. It was fun.

Dinner cost a little more than I had hoped, at $10 a plate. That’s really not all that expensive, but certainly would limit how many times a month we’d consider eating out. The Pad Thai was delicious. The girls found the lemonade to be too sweet, however. Service was very responsive and efficient. I’d certainly go back, but skip the appetizers.